Altivar 32

Schneider Electric – Altivar 32 – Bookshelf Drive


Altivar 32, with its extra-slim format, offers numerous advantages in the control of asynchronous and synchronous motors operating in open loop mode:

More innovations

  • Narrower product (45 mm wide)
  • Vertical mounting, side-by-side or sideways on
  • Circuit-breaker connected directly to the product (same 45 mm width)
  • Embedded Bluetooth®: remote adjustment and parameter setting via mobile phone or PC
  • Configuration with the power off in its original packaging

Greater autonomy

  • Integrated programmable logic functions

More safety functions

  • Numerous safety functions as standard
  • STO (Safe Torque Off)
  •  SLS (Safely Limited Speed)
  • SS1 (Safe Stop 1)

More openness: 

  • Either Modbus or CANopen is integrated as standard. Numerous other industrial communication networks can be accessed by simply inserting a communication cassette in the drive :
  • CANopen Daisy Chain (for connecting the drives in a daisy chain easily)
  • Ethernet/IP - Modbus TCP (double port)
  • Profibus
  • DeviceNet
  • EtherCat

Tools common to several other Schneider Electric products, adapted to each type of user (cable installer, programmer, operator)

  • Remote graphic display terminal for remote configuration
  • Multi Loader for storing configurations and loading them quickly
  • Simple Loader for duplicating and loading a configuration

SoMove software for configuring on PC and transferring the configuration via Bluetooth® or using a cable

SoMove Mobile software for modifying or sending a configuration remotely via mobile phone


So Slim, So smart !

·         Ultra-slim

o    Extremely compact motor starter unit

o    Enclosures can be 40% smaller

·         Very complete

o    More than 150 integrated application functions

o    Performs simple control system functions

o    Machine safety functions as standard

·         Very user-friendly

o    Quick wiring and programming thanks to special tools

o    Configuration in its original packaging even with the power off

·         Open

o    Communicates with most industrial networks

o    CANopen or Modbus as standard

·         Economical

o    10% more energy efficiency, on average, with a synchronous motor in open loop mode, by optimising performance at low speed.


  • Hoisting machines 
  • Simple packaging machines
  • Material handling machines
  • Textile machines
  • Special machines
  • wood-working machines
  • metal processing machinery

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