Electrical Safety Audit


Electrical Safety Audit has become crucial to the proper maintenance of the facility. In addition, rising fuel costs coupled with increased global competition is forcing industries/buildings and other facilities to slash energy costs. Electrical Safety Audit is conducted to investigate if complaints and concerns by workers regarding electrical safety is substantiated and if there are other electrical safety or general safety hazards at the facility that should be addressed. The audit focus on current electrical safety conditions, and selected other safety measures for the facility.


  • To present the current status of the facility before the top management.
  • Diagnose Various on-going losses  in the facility
  • Recommend Measures for Improvement and Electrical Safety.

Avoid Fire Tragedies

Fire tragedies are not new in India. The country has witnessed several devastating fires that have claimed hundreds of innocent lives and damaged property worth billions. Fire also results in the loss of business, of goodwill and effects environment severely. Damages in industrial/building/office fires, for instance, is unlimited where the fire occurs, but also effects other adjacent facilities around it.

From 2002 through 2014, there were 3,378 workers who died from on-the-job electrical injuries 4.7% of all occupational deaths. That’s almost one death per day. Electricity the fourth leading cause of injury-related occupational death.

  • Contact with overhead power lines was the most common cause of electrocutions.
  • The second most common cause of electrocutions was failure to properly de-energize electrical equipment prior to commencing work
  • The third most common cause was contact with electrical components mistakenly thought to be de-energized due to a mistake in wiring or re-wiring, or misidentified wiring.


  • Degree of compliance with the applicable safety regulatory requirements.
  • Assurance of the safety management functions.
  • Training to concerned staffs and officials for perfect operation of equipment.
  • Guidance to emergency procedures.

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