Magelis GXU

Schneider Electric – Magelis GXU – Optimized HMI Panel for OEMs


·         Beautiful Screen

  • TFT for all screen sizes to allow good monitor conditions for operators.
  • 800 x 480 Pixels
  • Complete dimming functionality available to reduce power consumption.
  • Availability of a 7” & 10”

·         Easy connectivity

  • Built in Ethernet
  • 2 Serial lines for communications with devices on the machines.
  • Up-to-date interfaces ( USB 2.0 , SD cards ) to allow easy maintenance
  • The 4 Gb SD card allows large log files capability
  • new mini-USB port allows downloads with standard cable

·         Easy Installation / Operation 

  • Same cut-out than Magelis GXO range, for an easy substitution by keeping the same design
  • Minimum way for connectors location to offer a better cabling of the panels. 
  • Unique fast connection power plug for the whole range.
  • Only 4 installation fasteners for the whole range


  • Single Com Port GXU
  • Simplified Structure
  • Compact Design
  • Simplified Designer Basic make programming Easy
  • Built in USB Connector Lock
  • High Anti interference ability
  • Built in Power Isolation
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Optimized communication
  • Easy to install and sustainable offer
  • Adapted to your environment


Suitable foe OEM Machines

  • Compact Machines
  • Packaging (small labelling machines, small bagging machines)
  • Textile
  • Small Application
  • HVAC

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