Magelis Box PC

Schneider Electric – Magelis Box PC – Industrial PCs


The industrial PC Magelis BOX PC are available in two versions:

  • Universal : 1or 2 PCI slots, and Intel Atom N N270 (1,6 GHz) CPU without fan
  • Performance: 2 or 5 PCI slots, based on Intel® Core 2 Duo (2,26 GHz) CPU

They benefit from a complete set of components:

  • Removable drives
  • 5 USB ports
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet
  • up to 2 DVI and 3 serial lines
  • DVD-RW (depending on the model)
  • Microsoft operating systems (WES2009, XP, Ws 7 64…)
  • Vijeo Designer run time demo and SCADA Vijeo Citect supervisor option

The Magelis BOX PC range proposes specific options for the most demanding applications:

  • redundant RAID hard disk 
  • battery back-up


Modular design for better adaptability to customer needs

  • Complete range of catalogued products, and more than 240,000 combinations of Magelis BOX PC configurations, thanks to the new online iPC configured service.

Certified for automation applications

  • Automation products, harsh environment and marine (depending on the model)
  • Easy installation in electrical enclosures thanks to their book format and 24VDC power supply

Ready to be integrated with an IT structure

  • Dual Ethernet to separate data flow
  • Based on Microsoft operating systems allowing:
    • ease of integration with an IT infrastructure
    • large data storage management
    • connectivity to PC devices, data bases
    • multi-tasking capabilities


Any industrial application:

  • Maintenance free environment: 
  • Magelis BOX PC without fan
  • low dust sensibility
  • No filter cleaning
  • Magelis BOX PC rotating storage drive.
  • Magelis BOX PC without hard drive
  • Magelis BOX PC with hard drive

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