Magelis Compact iPC

Schneider Electric – Magelis Compact iPC – iPC Panels


Choose Magelis Compact iPC

Value your knowledge and save valuable time during installation. 

Affordable design

  • Appropriate power: Celeron M 1.0 to 1.3 Ghz, Intel Pentium M 1.6 Ghz
  • Choice of access:
    • embedded Ethernet TCP/IP
    • Dual Ethernet network
    • Wireless network
    • PCI or PCMCIA expansion cards
  • More compact for an easy installation

Added value

  • Open: Intel Pentium microprocessor, Microsoft Windows
  • Quality interface
  • Rugged: Hardened and UL 508, CSA certification

Combined offer

  • By combining Magelis Compact iPC and Vijeo Look or Vijeo Designer, you can develop your supervisory applications more easily


The optimum solution for machines

Compact, this new industrial PC incorporates the latest PC technologies. Completely open, its inherent qualities make it an attractive and open-ended solution that is especially suitable for machine manufacturers. Available in 8.4", 12" or 15".


Any industrial application:

  • Maintenance free environment: 
  • Magelis BOX PC without fan
  • low dust sensibility
  • No filter cleaning
  • Magelis BOX PC rotating storage drive.
  • Magelis BOX PC without hard drive
  • Magelis BOX PC with hard drive

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