Lexium 28

Schneider Electric – Lexium 28 – Optimized Servo Drive


Servo range with best-in-class performance
the predefined servo bundles of Lexium 28 servo drive & Lexium BCH2 servo motor are optimized for easy integration & commissioning in your machine. It includes standard interfaces, embedded safety function and DC bus sharing.

Reduce time to market

·         Automatic tuning and motor identification

·         PLCopen motion library

Increase profitability

·         Designed for optimized & cost effective solutions

·         Drive embedded safety function: safe-torque-off

Improve efficiency

·         Energy efficient because of DC bus sharing

·         Pre-defined servo bundles for all machine types

Simplify integration & maintenance

·         Standard field bus interface CANopen / CANmotion

·         Pulse-train-input (PTI) and Pulse-train-output (PTO) interfaces

·         Digital input interface to control simple movements directly by the servo drive

·         Analogue input interface +/-10 V for speed control mode


Lexium 28 and Lexium BCH2 - the optimized servo bundle for all motion control solutions:

  • Cost effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Embedded safety


  • Coil winding/tension control/cut to length
  • Automatic assembly
  • Material handling
  • Single axis
  • Simple Master/Slave
  • Advanced Master/Slave

Coordinated axes

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