Lexium 52

Schneider Electric – Lexium 52 – Standalone Servo Drive


In a conventional stand-alone design with integrated 3-phase power supply, Lexium 52 series servo drives are particularly well suited for economical configuration of servo drive solutions with self-contained single axes. The drives communicate via Sercos with the PacDrive 3 controller and offer embedded digital I/O. They are available in five different power levels, ranging from 1.5 to 24 A continuous current and 6 to 72 A peak current.

Lexium 52 standalone servo drives can be controlled with all PacDrive LMC motion controllers of the Eco and Pro/Pro 2 Eco series. They match in particular with the smaller PacDrive LMC Eco controllers, when only few servo axes are required. Lexium 52 servo drives are all equipped with electronic name plates, so the controller recognizes the drives and configures them automatically.

The Lexium 52 servo drive offer increases machine performance due to the following characteristics:

·         Power ratings between 0.4 and 7 kW

·         Overload capacity: high peak current

·         Increases the range of movement

·         The compact size of the servo drives offers maximum efficiency in a small space

·         Compliance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements

Hardwired invert enable safety input (STO), internal braking resistor and internal EMC-filter are making


As it is a stand-alone servo drive concept, Lexium 52 provides an ideal counter balance to the Lexium 62 multi axis servo system, making the PacDrive system to one of the most scalable and flexible motion control solutions available on the market. Lexium 52 is the pillar for economical automation of PacDrive-based solutions with few axes.

With side-by-side mounting and high power density Lexium 52 servo drives provide maximum power with minimum cabinet space. Electronic name plates, color-coded plug-in connectors, easily accessible on the front panel or on top of the servo drives all make maintenance quick and less expensive. Integrated safety functions reduce design times and make it easier to comply with safety standards.


Lexium 52 stand-alone servo drives meet the typical requirements of production and packaging machinery, as well as material handling and assembly systems:

  • General machine control 
  • Packaging machine automation
  • Material Handling

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