Altistart 48

Schneider Electric – Altistart 48 – Heavy Duty Soft Starter


Soft start/soft stop unit for infrastructure and industrial applications

Altistart 48 soft start/soft stop unit for 3-phase asynchronous motors

Simplifies installation and operation

·         Saves time on wiring (6 terminals instead of 12)

·         Optimises the size of your enclosures (very compact product)

·         Keeps temperature rises to a minimum (low heat dissipation)

·         Reduces the number of components to manage (multifunction product)

Protects your installations

·         Minimises jolts and shocks

·         Reduces mechanical stresses on the machines

·         Increases the service life of your installations

·         Prevents installation failure by detecting and signalling

Features Extended

·         Starting and stopping of the machine by the Altistart 48 torque control system (TCS patent: Torque Control System)

·         Thermal protection of the motor

·         Protection of the machineFactory set for immediate start-up

·         Simplified customisation of settings using built-in display or the Power Suite software

·         Through connection

·         Control of starter bypass contactor to prevent heat dissipation

·         Dual configuration (2 motors)

·         Numerous configurable inputs/outputs

·         Cascaded starting and deceleration of a number of motors

·         Modbus Integrated, FIPIO, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, Ethernet

Taming energy

Altistart 48 offers you the benefits of its patented Torque Control System (TCS). Ready for immediate start-up, with simplified wiring and extended communication functions, it can be integrated at the heart of your applications in complete simplicity.


  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Compressors

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