Trio Power Supply

Phoenix Contact – Trio – Standard Functionality

The performance and reliability of a power supply is critical to the operation of control systems. Phoenix Contact power supplies are designed to meet exceed the demands of modern control systems in general purpose. Industrial and even mission critical applications. The comprehensive approval package with CB scheme and UL approval simplifies international applications.

The power supply is also suitable for use in series machine manufacture. It offers basic functions at a very high level. The wide range input of 85-264V for Single Phase and 3X320-375AC for Three Phase AC enables worldwide use.

The MTBF of 500,000h as well as the dielectric strength up to 300V ensures a high operating reliability. Even at high operating temperatures up to 55°C, the devices delivery the nominal values. The power supply units can be connected in parallel to increase the capacity and redundancy.
The LED function monitoring simplifies the start-up. A third minus terminal simplifies the grounding on the secondary side. All power supply units are short circuit proof and provide a regulated and adjustable output voltage of 22.5VDC to 29.5VDC.


Bring energy to your automated systems!

The new generation of filtered rectified power supplies is used for supply of circuits not requiring output voltage regulation.

Their simple and proven technology enables them to offer greatly extended working life.
With this new offer, we proposes simplicity and ruggedness to serve your applications.

  • Input Voltage Range : AC Only
  • Output Voltage Range 24 VDC
  • Current Rating Range : 2.5 – 40A
  • 1 Phase & 3 Phase Version Available
  • Power Boost Technologies
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Surge Voltage Protection
  • Potential Free Contacts

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