Uno Power Supply

Phoenix Contact – Uno – Basic Functionality

UNO POWER offers the ideal solution for loads up to 240 W, particularly in compact control boxes. The new product line sets new benchmarks in terms of low energy consumption.

Five designs – 17 devices

The UNO POWER product range offers performance classes ranging from 25 to 240 W at output voltages of 5 to 48 V DC.

UNO POWER allows input voltages from 85 to 264 V AC and functions reliably even in the event of voltage fluctuations in the power supply network. In the case of higher values from 264 to 575 V AC, the 2 AC device with 24 V and 90 W is used.

Two devices with the designation C2LPS are certified according to UL 1310/508 Listed Class 2 and are ideal for the American market.

UNO POWER – small, powerful, and up to 240 W

Do you need the greatest possible power in the least possible space? UNO POWER is now also available with an output power of 150 and 240 W. The output voltage can be set from 24 to 28 V DC via a potentiometer.

  • 24 V DC/6.25 A for 150 W with an overall width of 37 mm
  • 24 V DC/10 A for 240 W with an overall width of 45 mm

Maximum efficiency – low losses

When it comes to energy efficiency, UNO POWER leads the way. Compared with off-the-shelf products, it offers excellent energy savings, achieved through low idling losses of below 0.3 W and optimized efficiency. With over 90% efficiency at nominal load, just a very low amount of electrical energy is converted into unwanted heat energy.

  • Save energy with idling losses below 0.3 W and over 90% efficiency


Bring energy to your automated systems!

The new generation of filtered rectified power supplies is used for supply of circuits not requiring output voltage regulation.

Their simple and proven technology enables them to offer greatly extended working life.
With this new offer, we proposes simplicity and ruggedness to serve your applications.

  • Save energy thanks to particularly low idling losses and high efficiency
  • Narrow housing from 22.5 mm to 55 mm wide
  • Design for all common 120 mm control cabinets with a housing depth of just 84 mm
  • Robust and reliable at temperatures from -25 to 70°C

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