Mini Power Supply

Phoenix Contact – Mini Power – Compact Design

Flexible solution in modular electronics housing

Modular electronics housing (ME) has become standard in measurement and control technology. MINI POWER is the ideal power supply unit for this type of application. It gives your control cabinet a uniform appearance.

Flexible and easy maintenance

  • The devices are particularly flexible, thanks to special voltages and special versions, including a device for Ex applications.
  • Connection is extremely easy using COMBICON connectors from Phoenix Contact

Power supply unit and uninterruptible power supply in a single device

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for 12 and 24 V DC output voltages are available in the same design.

  • The UPS combines a power supply unit and an electronic switchover unit in the same housing.
  • Various rechargeable battery modules ensure flexibility.

Rounded off with DC/DC converters

DC/DC converters complete the MINI POWER product range. They perform the following functions:

  • Matching of voltage levels
  • Regeneration of voltages on long cables
  • Setup of independent supply systems


Bring energy to your automated systems!

The new generation of filtered rectified power supplies is used for supply of circuits not requiring output voltage regulation.

Their simple and proven technology enables them to offer greatly extended working life.
With this new offer, we proposes simplicity and ruggedness to serve your applications.

  • Ultra narrow in ME housing – ideal for use in measurement and control technology
  • Flexible – numerous output voltages and versions available
  • Active checking – switching output for monitoring the output voltage remotely

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