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Phoenix Contact – Surge Protection Device – Renewable Energies

Have you installed a photovoltaic system on your building? Perhaps you also operate a wind farm or solar power plant? Then it is essential that you protect your investments and yield against damage caused by lightning and surge voltages.

Protect your investment

  • Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important. Wind power and photovoltaic have seen a significant increase in installations.
  • However, the systems are at particular risk from lightning currents and surge voltages. This is because most are situated in exposed locations or they are at particular risk of lightning strike due to their surface area.
  • Take preventive action: surge protection significantly increases the availability of your systems.

Protection for photovoltaic systems

  • PV systems require special protective circuits. Depending on the system configuration and grounding conditions, we provide suitable arresters that can safely handle these high DC voltages.
  • Pre-assembled set solutions simplify the installation of surge protection in your PV system.
  • In addition, tracking and monitoring systems must also be protected against interference and data loss. Use appropriate arresters to protect the data and control cables.

Protection for wind power plants

  • From low-voltage main distribution, via top box, generator, and pitch control, we offer reliable protective devices to prevent downtimes and damage.
  • Protect your system power supply, communication, and control technology using products that are specially tailored to the requirements of wind power.


  • Complete protection from generation through supply to communication, thanks to the comprehensive product range
  • Optimum tailored protection, thanks to branch-specific products
  • System availability is ensured around the clock, thanks to surge protection
  • Optimized maintenance planning, thanks to remote signalling

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