SPDs - Control Signals

Phoenix Contact – Surge Protection Device – Control Signals

When a number of signal cables are installed in parallel, voltage peaks can have a disastrous effect. Our surge protective devices for measurement and control technology consist of powerful components with a low protection level which respond quickly. This means that your signals and measured values remain available and undistorted.

Phoenix Contact offers innovative surge protection components for all requirements in measurement and control technology with below features:

  • Plug in
  • Status display
  • Remote Signalling
  • Latching
  • IS Version
  • Push in Connection Technology
  • Screw Connection Technology

Typical fields of application for surge protective devices for measurement and control technology are:

  • Process technology
  • Water and waste water technology
  • Power engineering
  • Traffic engineering and building automation

Use our devices to protect all common signals: from 2-wire through to 6-wire technology, such as temperature measurement or current loops.

Choose between one-piece or multi-part protective devices for the DIN rail and screw-in devices.


  • More space in the control cabinet – thanks to compact design
  • Protection for all common signals, thanks to the complete product portfolio
  • Service that can be planned thanks to self-monitoring protective devices (PLUGTRAB PT-IQ)
  • Worldwide use in potentially explosive areas, thanks to ATEX and IEC Ex approvals
  • Versatile use: designs and connection methods adapted to the application
  • Easy testing thanks to plug-in design of arresters (PLUGTRAB PT)

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